Saturday, September 29, 2007


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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Progress Pictures and an Upcoming Move!

Thanks for the sympathetic comments about my raglan. I'm actually quite content with leaving the sweater as it is. After all, I really wished I had some nice sweaters when I was pregnant but I just couldn't justify knitting something that I would only be able to wear for a few months. I'm going to consider this a happy accident.

I do have some progress pictures for you from my Sunrise Circle Jacket. The Skye Tweed I'm using gives a row gauge of 5.5/in instead of the 7/in called for by the pattern. I was a bit concerned about this so I knit one of the sleeves/fronts first. I settled on the 33" bust size (when I would normally have made the 35" or 37") and it worked out well. I may have to shorten the sleeves later but that shouldn't be a huge deal.

I'm almost up to the raglan shaping on the second sleeve - this sweater just flies off my needles! In part, I think this is because I haven't made anything that knits up at a gauge of 4.5 sts/in in ages. It feels like Big Wool!

I'll leave you with a few unfinished sewing projects. The first, one that I totally ripped off of the awesome Pam of Flint Knits (please don't hate me for copying your style, Pam!) I think I'll trim this with some red bias tape. I'm going to make the romper but pair it with some red corduroy pants instead of a diaper cover.
Next up is a sunny little dress that Beatrix will only be able to wear for a few days if I don't put the zipper in soon. *sigh*

Finally, I have to say that two years of battling Blogger is sending me over to Wordpress. More details in my next post but the move will be accompanied by a blog contest and a free pattern (to bribe you sweeties to move your rss subscriptions!)