Friday, December 22, 2006

Stash Expansion, Part I

First, the vacuum. Who knew one could fall in love with a vacuum? We are living it up sans Petunia hair!! I've never seen such an amazing vacuum. Granted, in order to be totally Petunia-free, we have to vacuum every other day. I can handle that. I keep telling Petunia that she's worth it, even if she smells rotten. Here she is, in a shocking moment of activity.

These days, we're celebrating her first anniversary with us (although she's nine years old) and her 20-lb weight loss. This exclusively table scrap-fed dog went from living in a ranch house with no stairs to eating diet food and climbing lots of stairs:
She was a real tub of lard. I'm so proud of the stinky mutt, even if she didn't have a choice about her weight loss. :-)

As promised several posts back, I have lots of fiber goodness to show. I bought a bunch of yarn for my birthday even though my stash is *ahem* sizeable and I have little time to knit these days. If only I could knit WHILE exercising like Marly! To further complicate matters, I will be back in grad school full time next semester so there will be even less time for knitting. NEVER MIND ALL THAT! Here are my recent purchases:

One skein each of Woolarina's Raspberry and Grapefruit sock yarn. Intended tentatively for some Endpaper Mitts. This was a bit of a mistake. I thought I was buying two skeins of each for two pairs of socks. Now, I need to find a way to put them together. Eunny's mitts seem like they'd work - any other ideas?

Next, 10 skeins of Knit Picks Swish Superwash in Baby Blue. Why? Because it was cheap on eBay and superwash is never cheap. Is that an acceptable answer? No, I don't have a project planned. I'll probably make lots of small things with this - sweater knitting is not possible these days.

But the title of this post is Stash Expansion, Part I??? There's more??? Indeed, friends, as I have no self restraint these days. You'll have to wait for tomorrow's post for the rest since Aaron has the camera at work today!