Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I realize my postings have been few and far between but since it was the end of my semester, I had no time for knitting. I handed in my last paper today. My incentive for finishing? Sock yarn. I had to bribe myself with yarn to do my graduate work. People, this is a new all-time low. *sigh*

I haven't had a single pregnancy-related food craving but I wonder if my sudden desire to knit up a pair of socks on size 0s is hormonal - surely, I wouldn't be crazy enough to do it if I were of sound mind and body. Since we're off tomorrow a.m. on a 27-hour drive to visit my parents, brother and extended family in Massachusetts, I'm not worried about coming down with Second Sock Syndrome. My goal is to have a pair of socks made for my mom by the time we have to return. I'm using this pattern with Fortissima Cotton on size 0 DPNs. I'm bringing my camera on the trip so I'll snap a few pictures before I part with the socks. I may even be able to update the blog while I'm at home - we'll see.

I have no other knitting progress to report. Things are pretty much came to a grinding halt a few weeks ago so I hope to finish the little Phildar hoodie in white cotton and another in Peruvian Collection Sierra Aran. I meant to add that I found 12 balls of Elann's Peruvian collection at a garage sale a few weeks ago for $0.25/ball. Score. That officially broke my yarn diet of 6 months! I'm still proud I made it that long. I anticipate buying more yarn because I'm stopping in Amherst, MA to see my little brother and WEBS is just down the road. I've always wanted to check that place out...

I might check out other yarn stores in the Boston area but mostly, I'm bringing projects from my stash. It's a good thing I can knit. Otherwise, I can't imagine how much it would suck to be in a car with 2 stinky dogs and no AC at 27 weeks pregnant... :-) Wish me luck.