Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My First Successful Sewing Experience: Part 2 of 3

Pattern: Top and pants from Butterick B5017
Modifications: I omitted the rick rack trim and used a loop of ribbon for the buttonhole instead of the loop of embroidery thread.

Of all the things I've been working on, I am happiest about this set. I love the two fabrics together, even if it's a bit loud. Frankly, I secretly wish that I could get away with wearing pants like these. It's such a shame that adult clothes aren't nearly this cute.

It was while I was working on this outfit that I realized why knitting is so much more appealing to me than sewing. I took the garment to the fabric store several times because it appears that I am incapable of buying fabric, interfacing and notions all at once. Twice, people came up to me and asked if the top was "a Kaffe Fassett". Now, I grant you that I used a Butterick pattern and a Kaffe Fassett print fabric for the top, but what I really wanted to say in response was, "No, it's an Elinor Brown. I made it." Call it beginner's pride.

I know there are some brand whores knitters out there who only have eyes for a particular brand of yarn and could likely identify a line of that brand in a knitted garment. However, I think that knitting allows for enough creativity to break out of the commercialized, brand-conscious world we live in. I suppose one could knit a sweater using the expensive yarn and exact colorway a pattern calls for but really, who does that? You don't - I know because I read your blogs.

With yarn, you can change the texture and density of the knitted piece. With fabric, the print remains the same no matter what you do it it. I know, I know, you can alter the shape or the drape but what's the first thing a viewer sees? The print. So no matter what the sewer does, it's still a Kaffe Fassett garment. This is, in my opinion, why knitting wins out over sewing in the long run. What do you think?