Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Loot

My secret pal has amazing timing. After each of my last two Organic Chemistry exams, I have returned home to find amazing packages sitting on my doorstep. Check this out:
An Australian knitting magazine, some candy and chocolate, a notepad (note the picture on the cover) and some Lang Jawoll Comfort in my favorite color: bright pink.
But that's not all! SOCK BLOCKERS!!!!! I've been coveting sock blockers for ages. I tried them out on one of my UFOs. This particular sock has been languishing in the UFO pile mostly because it requires a cable needle and I don't have that kind of attentive knitting time available. Normally, I never use a cable needle but this particular yarn/cable pattern requires it. Looking at the sock on blockers makes me hope that I can finish the second sock soon!
I've finished the first of my Gentleman's Fancy Socks but I haven't had time to photograph it so I'll leave you with a picture of Beatrix. I'll let you guess what she's doing in this picture...

Knit blogging will resume later this week! I will have lots to share with you!