Thursday, December 15, 2005

I finally finished the brioche hat. Here's the FO as well as an in-progress pictures of the hat modeled by an unshaven husband. All in all, I think this is a good pattern, in spite of my initial frustrations with it. The decreases didn't seem to be working right but the stripes look fine at the crown. One of my problems with this hat is that I assumed that it is reversible and it is not. The crown shaping removes all hope of reversibility. I wonder if I could rework the pattern to make it reversible but I'm not willing to invest the time and headache. :-)

I took a break from brioche hats (yes, I plan on making more as holiday gifts) to make some fingerless mittens. I've never found these to be attractive or useful but I thought I'd give the pattern a try because it looked easy and none of my family members like mittens. I only want to knit mittens and no one will wear them because they all prefer gloves. And no, not knitted gloves. Fingerless mittens have risen in my esteem since we are trying to keep our heating costs down and our house is freezing. After all, one cannot type in mittens! These are quick knits (45 mins for each mitt) and I won't be offended if my family members never use them because of the minimal time investment. I think I'll make 3-4 pairs. AND, I'm only using stash yarn because this is a great stash reduction knit!

Next up, the second red mitt, maybe a scarf, but most likely more brioche hats! I really wish I could crank out socks like Alison. Maybe I'll work on that after Christmas.

I'm officially 50% done with finals, with two more tomorrow morning. My mouth is finally recovering from the wisdom teeth and I'm feeling so much better. I'm going back to exercising today at long last. I've been getting really stir-crazy sitting in the house all day studying/knitting. :-)