Friday, December 02, 2005

This is my first foray into the blog world. My goal for this blog is to help keep my knitting habit in check. People often keep food diaries to lose, maintain and control their weight. My hope is that this yarn diary will have a similar function. I knit a lot. I knit in the car (not while driving), in coffeeshops, at home and at other people's homes. I knit when I'm bored, sad, angry, happy and cold. I knit for my friends and family, for other people's friends and families, for my dog (hey, it was only once and it was my first project) and for myself. Some people buy expensive toys, gadgets, clothing, jewelry and therapy to make themselves feel better. I spend a lot less on yarn for the same effect.

So what's with the exercise thing? Well, I often use knitting as a reward for completing assignments, going to work and exercising, all things that I find rewarding enough... but just not as satisfying as knitting. I worry that if I don't keep the inner addict in check, I will end up living as the Crazy Knitter with 22 cats who only leaves the house to buy boots and cat food. You may find this to be an exageration, but trust me - they're out there. :-)