Thursday, June 15, 2006

Celebrate an FO with What? A New Project?

The Spring Grass Socks are DONE! Check them out! See? I told you I would not post again until I had a finished work to show for myself! I still need to weave in the ends but that's it. They're a bit too short on me but they'll fit my mom. I will have to explain to her that hand-knit cotton socks are not as stretchy as mass produced socks. I think she will have trouble getting used to that but like I said before, this wouldn't be an issue if she weren't allergic to wool!

I really loved this pattern. It wasn't until I started the second sock that I was finally able to memorize the pattern. It was quite simple once I got it but it took me a while. I think I will knit this pattern again but I will definitely use wool to improve the stretchiness. I also want to try out one of Craftaholic's other patterns - Orchid Socks. Since the pattern requires shifting stitches around a little bit, I think I'll wait until I have a long circular free. I cannot stand moving stitches around on DPNs. It offends my sense of symmetry in addition to being a royal pain!

Because I've decided this must be the Summer of Socks, I've started a new pair with some of the Fortissima that I just received in the mail. These are plain, toe-up socks (using this toe-up tutorial) for my husband. I've used the remnants of the Spring Grass socks as contrast yarn. While I am 100% in love with toe-up socks, I must say that I definitely prefer the fit of the top-down heels. We'll see what Aaron thinks of the heel.

Finally, I was wondering if you bloggers have a preference about extra short sock/mitten DPNs. I bought 5" Inox sz 0 DPNs for the Spring Grass socks but I would like some even smaller. Do they exist in metal? No bamboo/birch DPNs below sz 4 - I snap them like twigs! I'm working on 7" sz 1 DPNs for Aaron's sock but I'd love to find some really short ones. I'm not sure 5" is short enough to warrant buying new sets of needles. Can you get 4" needles? Anybody? I would love to hear about what you sock/mitten knitters use!