Sunday, June 04, 2006


Yes, blog readers, I've discovered entry titles. I've not investigated many of the Blogger settings but this was one I'm glad I found. It will make archiving easier, I suspect!

There has been LOTS of knitting in the exercisebeforeknitting household lately... unfortunately, there has been almost an equal amount of frogging. *sigh* While blogsurfing the other day, I noticed that Diana is working the same socks in an absolutely beautiful poppy color - go check out her pics! Her blog entry makes me want to start a new pair in red!!!

I finished one of socks, knit about an inch of 2x2 ribbing on the cuff and bound off with size 4 needles (recall, this is the size 0 needle sock). The sock fits perfectly once it's on, but getting the sock on is quite a production. Alas! Cotton sock yarn has no stretch! I prefer knitting wool socks because of the ease but I intended to make these for my mom, who has a wool allergy. The result? I frogged the sock down to about an inch above the ankle and I'm working in some increases on the way up the leg. I *really* hope the increases will solve the problem because once the socks are on, they're great. My mom will not be one to tug her socks on so this had better work!
Also, I've added about two feet to my mini clapotis. I'm about halfway through and already tired of the pattern so I plan on a few marathon sessions with it to finish. This is not a project I want hanging on my needles for very long. Besides, I need to free up those particular needles so that I can finish the brown baby sweater I wrote about last week.
Stay tuned for FINISHED OBJECTS! :-)