Monday, June 19, 2006

Knit Picks Offers Needles Now!

Check it out - Knit Picks is selling their own line of needles (interchangeables, DPNs and regular circulars)! AND THEY'RE CHEAP!!!! Yay! I've been putting off a Knit Picks order for a few weeks. This might be what pushes me over the edge! Unfortunately, the sock yarn I want will not be in until the end of the month so I probably will not place an order until then. But hey, spread the word - CHEAP NEEDLES!

I finished the sock yesterday - pictures to come this evening or tomorrow. I cast off with a sz 4 needle and it was too big so I'm going to pick up those stitches and bind off again with a 2. Otherwise, it fits well. Now, it's off to sock #2! I must force myself to start the second sock!