Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Three posts in three days... can you tell I'm on vacation?

Yes, a break from graduate school for me means lots of knitting, reading, lounging around by the pool and blogging. While I am taking a morning class this summer, I am mostly looking for ways to distract myself from the uncomfortable aspects of the third trimester of pregnancy, best described in Cari's latest post.

I promised finished objects to come and so here is my finished Spring Grass sock from Craftaholic's pattern! As you may recall, I frogged down to near the ankle after finishing the sock and realizing it was too difficult to put on. This time, I added a total of 8 stitches on the way up in two separate increase rows. The sock goes on much easier but I still will lament the lack of stretchiness of cotton sock yarn. I dislike how the sock does not keep its shape well after trying it on. I had to wash it to get it to return to its original shape. I've never been able to avoid this problem when knitting cotton socks - any readers care to comment??? I would love some advice. In the end, I feel like the lack of stretchiness is something my mom will have to live with as penance for having a wool allergy!!

I will start in on the second sock this evening, in a vain attempt to avoid Second Sock Syndrome! More on that later this week...